Personal Sessions

One on one sessions available for IronGoat Athletes (at a reduced rate) or self-coached athletes/individuals looking for suggestions, perspective, and feedback. Contact us to set up your 1-1 session today. 

Online Video Chat

scheduled at athlete’s request. 

Topics include:

  • Nutrition Suggestions
  • Mental Training & Exercises
  • Race Strategy
  • Any additional areas of concern athlete would like to discuss

$20 per 15 min   

Run/Swim Video Analysis 

Coach will provide feedback on technique and offer suggestions, drills, and exercises for improvement. Coach will meet with local athletes. (Treasure Coast – Florida)

**video provided by athlete if not local**

$75 per video

Run Technique Sessions (only available for in person, local athletes – Treasure Coast)

60 minute session with a focus on proper running form and efficiency. Includes drills & practical exercises for strengthening and reinforcing new movements. 

$100 per session