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Cale "The Goat" Simmons, USA Triathlon Certified Coach Level 1, President


Cale split his growing up between Tulsa, Oklahoma and Detroit, Michigan. He played soccer from elementary school thru to college and then joined the United States Navy where he spent 6 years as an Electronics Technician and served aboard the USS George Washington an aircraft carrier. Upon his Honorable Discharge from the service, he and his family moved to Port St Lucie, Florida in 2001, where they have lived since with just a brief stint in Nashville, Tennessee. Cale returned to college and received his AA in Electronic Engineering Technologies. While the stint in Nashville was brief it was also a huge change for the Simmons' family. Cale's work became a lot less physical and he gained a bunch of weight. Eventually, the weight gain would lead to a doctor visit where he would learn that he would need to lose that weight in order to correct his blood pressure issue that the weight was causing. This would turn out to be the blessing in disguise as it was the beginning of Cale's endurance sports career in 2007. Cale would go on to lose over 50 lbs while competing in numerous triathlons and running races over the next 6 years and changing his personal nutrition and lifestyle in the process. Most notably completing 2 Ironman triathlons, 6 Half-Ironman triathlons and the famed Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. In 2009, Cale completed 21 triathlons and 10 running races, including winning his age group in the Martin County Half-marathon. Cale and his wife Knikie, along with their two sons live in Port St Lucie. They have incorporated Cale's love of triathlon into a family pastime as the entire family travels to EVERY triathlon that Cale competes in as well as becoming a large part of the local triathlon community. The Simmons' are the cheerleaders for the Treasure Coast! Cale's love of triathlon coupled with his love of technology have turned him into a triathlon training reference for a majority of the athletes in our area. After much deliberation with his family, Cale was excited to formally begin triathlon coaching and sharing what he has learned over the years.